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Privacy Policy

Pocket Aptitude Mobile Application collects anonymised usage data which help us in enhancing user experience and fixing bugs.

Basic usage information such as your device model, OS version, etc is sent to Google analytics. This information is used to track App trends without identifying the individual users.

We have a feature named Quantz Quiz in our Android app, which enables users to attempt a 10-minute quiz every week, compete with one another and view their scores on a leaderboard. When the users register for this Quiz, we collect their name and email address, to provide them a login and recognise the winners. We neither sell this information nor use it for any other purposes. We don’t collect any other personal information or your precise geographic location.

Our application is designed to be a safe zone for students. Utmost attention has been given to maintain their safety and privacy.

For any queries, you can contact us at pocketaptitude@gmail.com.